Ocular Dynamics

Client clearly sees the value of Flock's software


The power of flock with a trusted broker advisor

Technology-first* brokers are cashing in on unfulfilled client needs for online HR and benefits tools. Flock helps high-touch insurance brokers stem the flow by providing them with the powerful software and analytics necessary to be competitive and retain their client in today’s high-tech environment. 


The Challenge

Ocular Dynamics is a start-up medical device company, and potential employer client, reached out to Flock to weigh the option of choosing of an online technology-first broker* for their health benefits against Flock’s broker-friendly online HRIS, BenAdmin and Compliance platform. The client wanted to offer group benefits with Kaiser for Medical, but also wanted to look at the cost of adding Dental to their benefits offering.

Flock connected Ocular Dynamics to one of its preferred broker partners who could provide both the experienced high-touch services and powerful high-tech tools – a combination that the technology-first broker can’t offer.

The Broker met with the Client and immediately provided plan designs and other information, so the Client could setup their benefits immediately.


As soon as Flock made the match, the broker quickly went to work. Flock’s preferred broker partners understand the difference between performing a one-off transaction to generate a quote and providing a better overall insurance experience. The Broker leveraged their knowledge of employee benefits, premiums, policies and procedures to put together a comprehensive quote for Kaiser medical and dental plans.

Soon after the broker and client were connected, Flock arranged a demo of their HR and Benefits products. Using Flock’s powerful and easy-to-use online tools, the broker showed that while a consistent admin experience was important, the benefits of Flock’s analytics and tools for ACA compliance, social component for employee engagement and streamlined HR management processes were eye-opening.

Ocular Dynamics loved what they saw and gave their BOR to the new Broker. Flock quickly got Ocular Dynamics onto the platform and ready for Open Enrollment. 



In the process of evaluating Flock, the client realized that Flock could also help them drive an overall business process change company-wide and thereby eliminate paper, gain visibility to data across all locations and bring greater internal efficiencies and effectiveness in running the day-to-day operations. 


 * Gusto, Namely, Zenefits, etc.