Mina Group

Flock helps broker keep their seat at the table


An ACA Success Story

Business owners are facing unprecedented challenges due to evolving regulations around the Affordable Care Act.  Regulation that often leads to fines and penalties for noncompliance creating a profound impact on their bottom line. The changes required by the new law may prove to be some of the most difficult compliance issues companies ever tackled, and the high cost of implementation could impede their achievement of business goals.

The Challenge

Mina Group, a restaurant management company consisting of award-winning restaurants across the U.S. needed to solve the challenge of ACA reporting for all of their locations. They also wanted online HR, Benefits and Compliance tools to efficiently manage over 600 employees across the country. Additionally, the company was going through an internal business process change and was looking for a single platform that would allow them to aggregate information and effectively communicate and engage with all of their employees.  For more than a decade their incumbent broker was successfully managing Mina Group’s insurance and advisory needs, but didn’t have the technology tools to adequately meet these new requests.

Like many businesses, complying with ACA reporting requirements was also a huge ordeal for Mina. They were overwhelmed with entering new and managing old employee data. The restaurant industry historically has a higher employee turnover rate so the potential for wasting time by manually processing employee paperwork is a huge pain point. Simplifying and automating HR, benefits and payroll transactions was essential to the client. 

The restaurant industry historically has a higher employee turnover rate... manually processing employee paperwork is a huge pain point.


Within days of connecting with Flock, the incumbent broker was able to demo Flock’s HR and Benefits products with Mina and clearly show how Flock’s powerful and easy-to-use online tools would provide the solutions they were looking for. The Mina team could see how Flock would simplify and standardize their onboarding and offboarding across all restaurants, use Flock’s analytics and reporting tools to stay in ACA compliance, and apply Flock’s social component to better communicate and engage with employees.

The demo also showed that with Flock, employment applications could be completed online, and automatically become part of the employee’s profile. This would clean up both onboarding and offboarding processes. Employment terminations could also be documented online and the information would be updated across the eight groups immediately instead of in days or weeks which was the norm.



With Flock, the client was able to successfully manage their ACA compliance and reporting needs. Furthermore, in the process of evaluating Flock, the client realized that Flock could also help them drive an overall business process change and thereby eliminate paper, gain visibility to data across all locations and bring greater internal efficiencies and effectiveness in running the day-to-day operations. For the Broker, offering Flock showed a commitment to innovation and providing the right solutions to the client needs, furthering strengthening their successful long term relationship.