Canon Recruiting

Finding success under tight deadlines


ACA Implementation with flock

An independent insurance broker, seeking to gain new clients, found themselves competing head-to-head for business with a technology-first broker*. To be competitive, the broker needed a strategic technology tool that would not only allow them to address the new client’s HR and benefits challenges, but also set them apart from the modern technology brokers.
A potential client was up against a tight deadline to complete the 1094-C filing process. In addition to needing a viable technology solution, the broker also needed to reassure the client that the filing deadline would still be met.

The Challenge

The client, Canon Recruiting, had engaged with a “modern technology broker” and were set for a renewal on June 1.  Although Canon was open to a new broker, the deadline for making the transition was tight and could potentially jeopardize the 1094/1095 filings. They were concerned that by transitioning to a new broker they’d need to hire a third-party to complete the filing process. The broker had to convince the client that the filing process would be completed without delay or any additional cost. If not, the transition could be put on hold for several months and the broker might potentially lose the business.

Additionally, Canon hires employees on a weekly basis and required an interim plan for completing the benefits enrollment process during the anticipated 2-4 week transition period.

We loved the Flock system from the moment we had our first demo... we knew it would the right solution for us.


The broker turned to Flock as their strategic technology weapon and scheduled an online demo with the client to show the value of Flock. With the timing extremely tight the Flock team was available to expedite the demo providing an in-depth introduction of the product’s features and benefits which enabled the process to quickly move forward.



Canon loved Flock and made the decision to change without hesitation. Flock’s simplified onboarding experience, easy to use HRIS tools, benefits administration software with built-in features that help ensure ACA compliance, and commitment to take 100% ownership were just a few of the things that won the client over. 

By using Flock, the broker converted a prospect into a satisfied new client, got the Broker of Record letter (BOR), gained net-new revenue for a large group. In addition to providing the client with greater value, the broker demonstrated their ability to solve the client’s problems quickly and easily – which helped him build a book of business he can depend on today and in the future.


* Gusto, Namely, Zenefits, etc.