Flock Product Spotlight | Offer Letters

Disrupting the process of creating and sending offer letters!

A core part of the human resources function is about enhancing and improving the overall candidate experience. The candidate experience begins the moment the individual first interacts with someone or something (e.g, website, brand and social media presence) related to your organization.  They have already started to know the company, got their first impression about it by the time you get around to extending a formal offer to them.

And while accepting a new role is exciting, it can also be nerve-racking. The offer letter is an opportunity to stoke the excitement and perhaps assuage some of the anxiety that inevitably comes with such a  big change.

At Flock, we are helping companies change the way they engage and manage employees. Here’s how an offer letter is created and sent to new hires and employees in Flock - it’s a completely new way to make that first interaction with your soon to be new employees!

Flock enhances the way offer letters are created and sent!

Just a few clicks and you are all set to roll out the offer letter to your new hire!

Flock's offer letter creation process is simple, customizable and easy to manage. Allowing you to make your formal communications with your soon to be new employees a consistent, and on brand, candidate experience that will set your company apart!

So are you ready to roll out your next
offer letter to your new hire with Flock?

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