The Affordable Care Act in the 2016 Election: “Hillarycare” and Alternatives

As the race for the 2016 presidential nomination heats up, there are few things that candidates, whether Republican or Democratic, agree upon. But one thing is clear: Any Republican would make repealing the Affordable Care Act their first order of business whereas Hillary Clinton would mold the ACA into healthcare reform of her own.

But, how far apart are candidates on the matter of healthcare, and what might this mean for small businesses and brokers who are forever in the throes of this tumultuous issue? It’s difficult to say, but there is plenty to go on as the candidates from both parties begin to take shape.

What a Republican President Means for 2016 Health Care Reform

Every Republican candidate has pledged to repeal the Affordable Care Act. However, many candidates support the value-based health care system it supports and promise to build a new health system where the quality and efficiency of care is thought of rather than just “patient sees doctor and doctor provides treatment as they see fit” mentality.

The danger lies in the dismantling of the value-based health care system the ACA has established. For this reason, it would appear more beneficial for a candidate to reform the system rather than dismantle it. But depending on the candidate, in particular Donald Trump, this may not be the case. As such, it’s difficult to anticipate the potential situations in which small businesses will be left regarding compliance.

What a Democratic President Means for 2016 Health Care Reform

After Super Tuesday and the primaries and caucuses before it, Hillary Clinton has emerged as the likely frontrunner and nominee for the Democratic presidential nomination. And while Clinton has been the candidate most supportive of the Affordable Care Act as it is today, she has her own vision for health care: “Hillarycare”.

Unlike Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders who wants to replace private health insurance with a universal system where government foots the bill, Clinton has proposed up to 20 separate, incremental steps meant to cut costs and improve coverage, though the plan is unclear. As such, small businesses would likely still have to adapt, though not nearly as much as would be required under an entirely new system.

No Matter the Candidate or Outcome, There are Changes to be Made

Regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican takes the White House in the 2016 election, there are going to be changes to the Affordable Care Act. This makes it all the more important for small business owners and brokers alike to anticipate changes that will be necessary to ensure compliance.

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